Netflix Original Daredevil Season 1


Marvel has been hitting home runs with their cinematic universe thus far. However, their television line-up has collectively been sub-par (Although I would make a case for Agent Carter). Expanding onto Netflix with a darker series was just what the doctor ordered to inject some excitement into the MCU television universe.

The Daredevil is a believable vigilante struggling with the burden of his gifts. Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer by day and a skull bashing vigilante by night. The premise is a handicapped man learning to be a superhero in which the show does an excellent job exploring its many faucets. Matt Murdock’s journey deals with his ascent from simple vigilante to symbol of heroism.

One of the main quarrels I have with the Marvel films is a lack of villain development. Yeah, I understand that there is a limited amount of time available and the film has to jump into the action to maintain interest. This seems especially true for blockbuster type films. Save for Loki, there is little attention paid to the motives of the majority of MCU villains. However, with thirteen episodes to develop character, the Daredevil series rectified this practice.

Besides The Daredevil himself, it is Wilson Fist who steals the show. One could argue this season of Daredevil is as much an origin of Wilson Fist as it is a telling of Daredevil’s uprising. Wilson Fist is a complex character this is less a villain and more a tormented soul. His character is believable and generated sympathy to his cause. You almost find yourself rooting for him in some instances, a testament to the writing and the actor.

The fight sequences are stunning. The choreography is gritty and visually looked realistic. The characters punch, grapple and end up out of breath. Imagine that, brawlers actually losing their breath. Even UFC fighters get winded in a fight. It’s the little things such as that that make these fights great. The ending of episode 2 has an amazing sequence involving a hallway. If you don’t enjoy that fight scene you just don’t like action.

Daredevil is a great series disregarding the Marvel factor. Adding Marvel into the fold and realizing that Daredevil and Fist could end up in a Marvel film someday in some capacity is exciting. Whether you are into Marvel films or not, or superhero genre films in general, this is a series that deserves your attention. I recommend this to any fan of gritty crime dramas or action series.

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