1st Impressions: Jurassic World



Jurassic Park was one of the first adult movies I can remember enjoying as a child. There was a sense of wonder and imagination engrained in that movie. It was a spectacle of a film. There was danger and death, yet enough humor to balance out the horror of the events playing out on the screen. I watched Jurassic Park at least a dozen times in my childhood. Watching Jurassic World bought all of those memories surging back.

Jurassic World is a terrific follow-up in the Jurassic universe franchise. All of the elements that make the first Jurassic Park great are present in this film. The film even pays homage to the original in several clever ways without spoiling the realism of the current world the film built. The film spent a significant amount of time introducing the audience to the theme park. The park is completely believable, from the excessive amount of corporate advertising, to the various types of themed rides. Yet none of the initial tour of the island is wasted. All of it plays into the main story in some form.

The plot revolves around the idea of corporate responsibility. The film is littered with references to business practices and motivations. The lust for profits and marketing inundate Jurassic World, both the fictional theme park and the movie itself. Ironically, a film whose plot revolves around the dangers of unchecked corporate greed has itself taken advantage of the opportunity to incorporate extra advertising. Some of these advertisements are layered on just a little too thick for my tastes. Of course a theme park will have sponsors and investors, but there are just a few too many references in my opinion. The in-film advertisements do not take away from the story of the film, but they are a nuance.

Coupled with Corporate Responsibility is the undertone of humanity’s role in nature. More specifically the relationship humans have with nature and one another. There are forces on the island who wish to exploit the dinosaurs and genetic technology, and of course those who oppose them. Like all Jurassic Park movies, it is the tampering with nature’s natural order that turns a concept from fun to danger.

The score was excellent. The music added just the right touch of terror to increase the tension. There were moments I found the score terrifying. There were other times where the score harkened back to the original theme, adding to the nostalgia.

The writers did a good job scripting this film. I found the dialogue believable and modern, adding to the family-friendly factor of this film. The characters and their motives were intriguing and well-developed to a greater degree than most blockbusters of this caliber nowadays. Even the “pets” were developed well. An extremely difficult task considering they cannot be given dialogue (Well…dialogue that we can understand anyways).

Jurassic World is a fun and thrilling film. Fans of the original will not be able to help but feel nostalgic when seeing this movie. Jurassic World delivers thrills, terror, fun, and sprinkled in some food for thought in the process just as the original did before it. This movie will be one the family will enjoy for years to come. Check it out in theaters and pick up the DVD.


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