Top 5: Things I Want To See In Star Wars Episode VII


To say that The Force Awakens is my most anticipated movie release of the year would be an understatement. Ever since Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise and announced Episode VII, I have been licking my chops at every hint of rumor or spoiler associated with the film. There has been a lot of speculation as to what will and what will not occur in the newest Star Wars film. Here is a Top 5 list of what I’d like to see occur in Star Wars Episode VII in no particular order.

Han Solo Bites The Dust

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Han Solo character. So why would I want him to die? Well there are several reasons for this conclusion. First of all, a major mentor has died in each of the past two trilogies. Ben Kenobi was struck down by Darth Vader in the original trilogy. In the prequels Qui-Gon Jinn was defeated by Darth Maul in the initial movie. Based on rumors surrounding the plot of Episode VII, Luke will not have a major role in this film. Therefore, Han Solo has to be the main mentor for the next generation of characters. This is further supported by the fact that he is the only member of the original trio to have appeared in a teaser. J.J. Abrams doesn’t release or reveal anything without reason.

Harrison’s resentment for the use of Han’s character in Episode VI is well documented. He believed Han should have never returned from carbonite freezing. There is no way Harrison Ford agrees to film the movie without his character having a significant role in the movie. What is more significant then being involved in a major plot element that fuels the events of the rest of the new trilogy? To convince Harrison Ford to return to the Star Wars franchise required some major promises. I believe the death of Han Solo is one of them.

Sith or Dark Jedi Army

The prequels have received a lot of scrutiny over the years. Most of that scrutiny is deserved. However, the prequels did get some things right. For example, the expanded histories and lore of both the Jedi and Sith has enriched the franchise’s universe. Episode I gave us Duels of the Fate, arguably the most epic original score of any fight scene ever. Speaking of, the prequel trilogy gave us epic lightsaber duels involving a dual-bladed lightsaber, Yoda, and even the pasty Emperor himself. The new trilogy will try to distance itself from the negative aspects of the prequels. The lightsabers duels should be used as a model for the new movies.

To be able to give us multiple saber duels, there must be several lightsaber wielding characters. The new Star Wars Rebels series has introduced the idea of Sith Inquisitors to Star Wars Canon. Hopefully this is a hint that Vader wasn’t the only dude walking around with a red lightsaber. There’s a chance that several Inquisitors or inquisitor-like characters will be assisting Kylo Ren in the movie. Those currently reading the Darth Vader Comic by Marvel will know what I mean by Inquisitor-like characters.

Different Lightsaber Colors

Every trilogy has added a unique take on the lightsaber. Episode I introduced the possibility of a double-bladed lightsaber, a lightsaber that was under utilized in the films. Episode VI introduced a different color, green, into the fold. Up until Episode II, George Lucas had stated that Jedi only had green or blue blades. However, Episode II introduced the Violet lightsaber (Because Samuel L. Jackson is a B.A.M.F.). The Clone Wars Series further added the yellow blade into canon.

There has been a pattern of different types of lightsabers possibly being introduced in the new trilogy. We have already seen Kylo Ren’s new cross-guard lightsaber from the teasers that almost broke the internet. There is a chance that Rey’s staff seen with in the teasers is also a lightsaber of sorts, possibly a Darth Plagueis relict (Hmmm potential this has. Hope they go there, I do).

So the tradition of adding newer flavors of lightsabers will continue. However, I don’t want to see different types of lightsabers. I’d much rather see different colors of saber blades. There was so much rich culture with the type of lightsaber and color a Jedi or Sith selected in the old expanded universe. That was before the Legends branding and the relegation from official canon. I want the lore associated with saber colors back. I want a different colored blade in the new trilogy. I want to see a main character wielding a yellow, violet, or silver blade.

A Female Main Protagonist

The fact is it is simply time for this. There are hints that both Rey and Finn are both protagonists in the story. One is almost certainly of the Skywalker clan. Rey could be Han and Leia’s daughter. Or perhaps Finn is connected to the Skywalkers or Solos. Hey I know what you’re thinking, it’s possible ok. But the Jedi culture has been dominated by males. It would be really awesome to see the hero’s journey for a female.

Where else could the franchise go? We’ve seen Luke the frustrated youth become a Jedi and we’ve seen young Anakin seduced by the dark side. We have also seen the expanded details of the Clone Wars and the beginning journey of Ezra in the Rebels series. Yeah Ahsoka Tano, a female alien, was part of the Clone Wars series; however she was not the star. It’s time for a Female heroine lead to take the Jedi’s journey.

The Force is the Force Again

The force was magical. The force was mystical. The force was spiritual in the old trilogy. The prequels attempted to scientifically explain what the force was which shattered the mystical aspects surrounding the force. It was that unexplained mystery that gave the force its power. It was that lack of faith in what the force represented that most fans found disturbing, pun intended.

That mysticism was part of the lure that attracted me to Star Wars. As a fan, it was that universal spirituality that anyone and everyone can understand and have a connection with. The force from the original trilogy was a plot device that regardless of beliefs, religion, or lifestyle, one could find a connection too. The new trilogy must return the force to this unknown magic that connects to the spiritual nature of humanity. It needs to once again become the element that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds us all together.


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