Thoughts on Marvel’s Star Wars

Star Wars Comic

The Star Wars comic published by Marvel looks and feels like the original trilogy movies. I cannot express just how close the comics are to the feel of Star Wars. The first three issues could be a movie cut from the same cloth as episode IV. There are three main reasons why I feel the Comics are so similar to the movies. One, the panels look exactly like scenes from the original movies. Two, the action is on par with the Star Wars Franchise. Three, the writing is excellent.

Artwork: The artist so far has done an excellent job with this comic series so far. Each panel looks and feels like they could be a shot from one of the films. The transitions from panel to panel feel like you are reading a movie. The artwork immerses the reader into the Star Wars Universe.

Action: The first three issue arc could easily have been a condensed storyboard for Star Wars Episode 4.5. The comics even begin with the opening crawl so familiar in Star Wars lure. The story was condensed with a simple objective that becomes complicated and more complex as the situation unfolds. This is similar to plots utilized in the original trilogy. There is action, a lightsaber duel, speeders, and Stormtroopers galore. What more could a Star Wars fan ask for?

Writing: The writing is nothing short of impeccable. The characterizations are spot-on. Luke is that same brass farm boy would had just discovered a greater destiny. 3PO is up to his old smug antics, cowardly dodging trouble yet running into it regardless. Darth Vader is the Dark Lord of the Sith from the movies. He is just as brutal, just as vicious, and just as relentless. His dialogue is perfect. In fact, all of the dialogue written for the characters involved is perfect. Each character’s speech is identical to the verbiage used in the films, especially Han and Leia. The writer is able to capable the witty banter, and awkward sexual tension present between the two characters in the movies.

All of the new Star Wars comics are part of the new Star Wars canon, so these stories matter. There is something uniquely exciting with what Disney is doing with the entire Star Wars franchise. Hopefully the Brain-trust in charge of Star Wars canon can keep up the good work on the comics front. These initial issues that have been released thus far have been nothing short of masterful.


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