1st Impressions: Avengers Age of Ultron


Age of Ultron is a true sequel in all regards. It builds upon the events of the previous film, yet added new and unique interactions between the ensemble cast. One of the complaints of early reviewers was a lack of story. Granted there are some missing pieces. Some plot threads shifted suddenly or wrapped up a little too swiftly. However, the film felt more convoluted than weak in that area. If anything, the movie attempts to execute too many story lines without executing any well.

Areas of the story felt rushed. Yeah yeah yeah, evil robot A.I. blah blah let’s get to the fighting right. However, the weight of the plot was more menacing than the original. The original Avengers plot, although much simpler, was executed better. However, the tone was much darker. And some “weaker” characters that may or not have solo films got some much needed spotlight.

Speaking of spotlights, one of the high points of this film was the emphasis placed on Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Hulk. Fans of these characters will not be disappointed. These characters each shine in their own ways throughout the film. The plot points connected with these three characters served to ground an otherwise action heavy movie. In a movie about individuals who are essentially gods amongst man, these three human characters added the right touch of humanity to provide intrigue.

Not all of the characters shined as brightly as Hulk’s purple trousers. Ultron served his purpose. However, most MCU villains serve their purpose. Ultron had the potential to be one of the greatest villains in the MCU to date. His character does fits within the cinematic universe, but his origins were rushed. James Spader was perfectly cast for this role and without him Ultron may not have worked nearly as well.

Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch or rather, the twins as they are referred too, were essentially the Hawkeye of this film. They both serve a purpose but again do not add anything special to the film. The Vision was also introduced, but his involvement felt underwhelming. His dialogue however was outstanding which could be a testament to both the writer and actor Paul Bettany. It is clear however that he will play a key role in the announced sequel to the franchise, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1.

There are hints which alluded to the Captain America sequel, Captain America: Civil War. To avert spoiler territory, events unfold to where the team and its members will not be the same. The final scene was exciting and previewed the direction of the franchise moving forward.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is nothing short of action-packed. This movie is for fans of the Marvel comics and lovers of action alike. However, any fan of action-packed movies would love this film. It is funny, it’s a non-stop thrill ride, and has some of the largest scale action sequences in memory. This film is not a psycho-analysis of what it means to be a superhero etc. However, it is a perfect addition to both this franchise and growing genre of movies.


This film should be viewed in theaters. Do not let the opportunity to catch this film on the big screen pass by. Age of Ultron is an event film with intense action that needs to be witnessed on the giant scene. Don’t miss this Popcorn Stuffer Blockbuster.

Final Verdict:

See it in Theaters


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